Thanks for dropping by and landing your eyes here. Take your time and enjoy.

My photographic work is a personal investigation concerning how to capture the fleeting spirit of a place or a situation. I try to gather just enough pictures to convey a minimal visual narrative resonating my own academic research in Culture Studies. My intention is to explore the tangibility of moods. But I don’t take the decisive step of considering myself an artist or these images an artistic production. I am more – and simply – interested in producing and then assembling pictures that while magnifying my experience as a traveler, might become silent witnesses of my own evolving aesthetic insights. Basically I care for the sensescape surrounding the Human and try to acknowledge the way it is the end product of a complex reality, where the landscape or the trace of a gesture seem to invite the viewer to become a nomad soul.

I am happy to share these images in low resolution with whom is interested. In the case you are interested in publicly presenting them or for publishing, please contact me so we agree on the rules for use.

Agata Wiorko aka Nomad Babe